The PPth Ofuku YoseNov.03.2004 (WedFCulture Day)

Welcome to Ofuku Yose, English Rakugo Circle

We are probably the only circle of non professional English Rakugo
lovers and performers in Japan.
Our membership consist of about 20 people including performers and
support staff, men and women from teenagers to those in their 60's.

Four years ago, the only English Rakugo Dojo started at
HOE English conversation private school at Yodoyabashi, Osaka.
This provided the students there with a chance to get together
to perform English Rakugo by ourselves.

The seven students at first talked about the place to hold the first
event and they decided to do it at the Okonomiyaki restaurent named
New Ofuku, which was owned by one of the members.

The event was named Ofuku-Yose, which was held on July 12, 1998
with the students of HOE English Rakugo Dojo at New Ofuku.
In that event, we had only four performers,
one staff member and an Audience of 10.

The last event was held on December 3, 2000 with the audience of over
80 people, the biggest yet, which is very encouraging for us
in comparison with the first event.

At present we get together to practice English Rakugo once a month
to prepare for Ofuku-Yose twice a year and for some other events
to share the joy of English Rakugo with many people
including foreign people of course.

We are doing our best to make progress in our performance
with the following objectives:

1. Make Japanese people more familiar with English conversation
2. Introduce foreign people to the pleasure of English Rakugo as
a part of our traditional culture.